Art Luna Studio

Art Luna Studio

What does a garden feel like? That’s our main thought when designing for a client. What’s not tangible creates the feeling of a garden. The light through trees, the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, the sound of water or birds. How a garden interacts with our senses can transport us to another place, another time, or land us firmly in the present.

These are the most important elements of a garden because they create emotional connection. A successful garden taps into its own soul and finds what it’s meant to be.

Then we ask, how do you want to use your garden? We believe gardens are meant to be enjoyed, whether that means entertaining friends, meditating or cutting herbs for your dinner.

A garden is healing. It can nurture our souls. We feed and water a garden, we help it grow, and it nurtures us back.

A garden is a living painting; it’s an experience. Being so close to nature transcends any material goals or possessions.

A garden is a sanctuary, it’s where you go to rejuvenate, but first you must relate to it.

In the end, we are just custodians of our gardens. We cannot own light or air or scent. Or even a feeling. We can only work with nature; we cannot control it. And we can only walk through our gardens and feel what they ask us to feel.