Olympia Lettry-Vauban Interiors

Olympia Lettry-Vauban Interiors

Olympia Lettry-Vauban Interiors is full-service collaborative and multi-disciplinary interior design studio focused on designing luxury residential and commercial interiors. Based in New York City and Paris, the studio employs an integrated approach toward design while invoking a passion for innovative materials and color schemes. We offer design, development, and project management to projects located in broader New York City and in Paris. Since our studio doors opened in 2015 we have designed contemporary living spaces that resolve design challenges while maintaining the principles of beauty, comfort, and functionality as primary objectives.

Olympia’s signature is layering monochromatic tones that stand out with rich textures and dynamic patterns that are then applied to pure and streamlined forms and eye-striking custom pieces. Through interactive client design sessions, we formulate a design direction that is highly personalized and delivers timeless design that is sensical from room-to-room and cohesive throughout a layout. Our expertise in integrating the latest technological and space-saving innovations enables clients to live in both a beautiful environment as well as a functional one, truly encapsulating the concept of full-scale luxury.

Olympia personally leads every design project, collaborating with additional key players including architects and contractors. In Paris, Olympia has found that her clients – many of whom are based in other cities and speak limited or no French – appreciate working with a designer who has extensive knowledge of best French design and building practices and possesses an established network of artisans and sub-contractors. When projects in Paris dictate the need for renovation and architecture work we are able to offer a Full-360 Design Service by including our highly trusted and bi-lingual Entrepreneur Général (also known as General Contractor), which affords busy and traveling clients with a time-saving and singular team-based solution ensuring complete project control from conception to fruition.

Born and raised in New York City, Olympia possesses dual-citizenship with the USA and France. She spent the first part of her career rising through the ranks with several venerable New York City architecture and interior design firms, gaining hands-on and practical design experience with projects of varying scales. With residences in New York City and Paris, she is uniquely tied to both cities and is qualified to address client needs in both regions. Believing that interiors should deliver their inhabitants somewhere extraordinary every day, Olympia and her team work tirelessly to create interiors that are highly livable, abundantly comfortable, and aesthetically exceptional.