Marissa Zajack Creative

Marissa Zajack Creative

Marissa Zajack is a multi-disciplinary designer adept in a variety of visual media –
utilizing form, color, pattern, and texture to create an expansive body of work that
exemplifies a distinguished point of view. Zajack’s impressive portfolio spans the fields
of interior design, furniture design, and graphic design, infusing each commission with a
vibrant visual language that underlies her contemporary and polished approach.

From critically acclaimed residential, restaurant, and bar design to branding for high
profile artists, films, and television shows, Zajack is known for her dynamic process that
reflects and accentuates the vision of each client. Her recent work at the brand-new
Red Herring restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles illustrates an energetic and refined
design ethos, infusing a bold palette with elegant finishes and furnishings. Her visual
language extends to also oversee the restaurant’s graphic design delivering a holistic
aesthetic across all touchpoints, including both two- and three-dimensional elements.
Zajack’s wide range of skill and experience across artistic fields informs her passion and
process of design, creating unique and discerning spaces through a cultivated lens.

Zajack’s industry clients include the likes of Dr. Dre, Wes Anderson, and Ryan Murphy
Television. She has personally brought the vision of film and television shows to life
through graphics for titles such as Bombshell, The Politician, and Insecure.

Zajack attended Art Center College of Design, Parsons School of Design and Chicago
Art Institute. She is a native of California and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.